Low Pressure Water Jetting (Power Brush)

Flexidrive AWP 100XX Tube Cleaner machine process using low pressure 80 to 100 psi (pneumatic). Equipped with remote foot switch, it is portable and easy to operate. Simultaneous flush with water is possible to remove scale more effectively. Adjustable torque control enables rotation of shaft to be set at required speed in different application. Interchangeable flexible shaft connection allows wet or dry cleaning option. Brass and nylon brush are recommended in removing softer to medium deposit scales for non-ferrous metals condenser or heat exchanger tubes. Steel brush is suitable for ferrous metals such as carbon steel and stainless steel tubes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Heavy duty shaft for cleaning heavy deposits
  • Flexible shaft with water flush for removal of deposits in curved tubes.
  • Storage compartment for foot pedal, controls & supplies.
  • Light weight and sized for confined work spaces.
  • Uses standard flex shafts for easy maintenance.
  • Ground fault isolation for increased operator safety

Wet Cleaning

commonly used in chillers, water tube boilers, and other applications where water does not inhibit cleaning. Never operate wet shafts without water flushing through the shaft’s casing.

Dry Cleaning

commonly used in fire tube boilers and sugar mill cleaning.The mission of our company is to provide the client with a level of service which priorities the following: Safety, Quality, Efficiency and a Return on the client’s investment

High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ)

High Pressure Water Jetting is the most commonly used industrial cleaning application for penetration and removal of heavy deposits. Our extensive fleet of High Pressure pumps ranges from 5,000 psi to 40,000 psi with large volume of water being delivered to the high pressure cleaning tools.