Process system integrity problems result from a number of issues, including incorrect joint assembly, incorrect type of material used for the joint, improper tightening methods, ineffective flange tagging systems, and the lack of a formal flange control/management system. Joint Integrity Management can assure that all process system flanges are identified and have been mechanically completed in a controlled manner that helps minimize, and in most cases eliminates, integrity related issues (example: pipe leaks) during start-up

The services include supervision, manpower as well as document management (Database/Certificates provided) from pre-shutdown, training, assembly, bolting, breakout, repair up to final inspection and post shutdown. With new software we are able to track, update and monitor all flanges inside a plant. It also able to advising the right torque value even if there is any changes from the last setup of the joint. Our team are very capable to provide a complete Flange Management System of QA/QC of the flanges and for the Database on all flange at plant or platform.

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Joint Integrity Management (JIM)