On-site machining reduces the downtime and cost incurred by allowing plant equipment to be machined on site. This process is carried out within the customer’s control at their premises. In terms of finishing, tolerance and accuracy the quality of machining is well-matched to conventional machining.

With our range of portable machines namely, pipe cutting, flange facing, milling and pipe beveling machines, enables us to provide a comprehensive On-Site machining services.

Application of On-Site machining includes flange facing, RTJ, lens ring, heat exchanger flanges, grooving, weld prep, spigot, pump base milling, cold cutting, drilling, boring and grinding. We are capable of performing the job either onshore or offshore with our experienced workforce.Moreover, Pre & Tec Sdn Bhd has accumulated over the years a substantial number of equipment.

Pipe Cold Cuting

Pipe Beveling

Flange Facing/Resurface

Exchanger Milling