The necessity of barge & vessel support for Exploration and Production (E&P) of an offshore oil and gas field is crucial and are the first piece of an asset to be set in place. Offshore operations are complex to execute, the margin for error is small and it involve large amount of investment

Pre & Tec Sdn Bhd offering a rental and usage of pipe lay derrick barge and other marine vessel to suit any kind or services sector through pipe laying and heavy lifting operations to achieve target such as carries a heavy lift crane, installing pumps and valves and equipment to lay pipe between subsea structure. Currently we are able to support up to 3000-ton lifting capacity and it can accommodate up to 300 people at one time.

With lay method such as J-lay, S-lay and we are capable to perform a reel-lay or welded length by length. Supported by dynamic positioning system or anchor spreads to maintain the right position and its speed while laying the pipe.