Baytech Resources Sdn Bhd. provides a range of engineering consultancy for oil & gas and power industries designed to increase operation efficiency throughout entire project lifecycle.

We have the technical expertise in the diagnosis and removal of existing and potential vibration and noise issues for petroleum and power industries. We provide practical, dependable and sensible solution to help clients to accomplish contracted tasks within schedule.

Our clients engage us to diagnose and resolve vibration and noise issues of installing equipment from a diverse range related to sectors; including oil and gas, mining, power generation, utilities and defence industries.

We also provide oilfield equipment and materials in the oil and gas industry such as:

  • Instrument tubing
  • Chemical pumps
  • Instrument valves & fittings,
  • Electrical power generation and transmission
  • Distribution solution


Pre & Tec is well experienced in Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning activities and can provide the in-depth experience, guidance and qualified personnel necessary to deliver a unit Safely prepared and ready to achieve a successful Start-up.


  • Enhancement of overall safety due to use of a single crew and elimination of risks associated with handovers and poor communication
  • Reduction of project schedule resulting in reduced down time and enhanced production figures
  • Decreased on-site head count
  • Reduction in costs

Throughout the life of any oil or gas production or refining facility, maintenance is required annually where a facility halts production to enable the inspection, maintenance and repair, or replacement, of components. Maintenance plans are generally established for each item of equipment and these are followed to ensure optimal performance from the production facility. In addition to the long term planned maintenance, there are also short term planned and unplanned maintenance requirements. Generally, planned shutdowns are referred to as a “turnaround” and an unplanned interruption to production is referred to as a “shutdown.