PTSB operates 3 types of ROV systems :


Observation Class with payload option ( 40HP – 50 HP )

Our Class I ROV is a hybrid between a pure observation class and an inspection class vehicle. It is rated for depths of up to 1,000m with a payload capacity of 60Kg. Fitted with a 7-function ISE manipulator allows a wider range of underwater tasks.


Work Class Vehicles ( 75 HP – 100 HP )

These vehicles are built for robustness and can carry a payload up to 100Kg. Rated to depths of between 1,500m to 2,000m, they are particularly suited for construction support where remote intervention tasks are required. The vehicles are fitted with a 5-function Schilling manipulator and a 7-function ISE manipulator for greater maneuverability.


Heavy Work Class Vehicles ( 125 HP – 150 HP )

Similarly to the Work Class Vehicles, the ROVs of this class are powerful and reliable and commonly have a multiplexing capability that allows additional sensors and tools to operate without being `hard-wired` through the umbilical system. Our vehicles are rated for depths between 2,000m to 3,000m.

PTSB ROV activities :

  • Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR)
  • Jacket Inspection (GVI and CVI
  • Pipeline Inspection and Cable Tracking
  • Installation Support
  • Construction Support